Friday, August 3, 2012

School Attendance

I recently read an interesting blog post written by "The Republocrat," called "I was sick" apparently is no longer an excusable excuse! In the post, she writes about an editorial addressing the financial and educational benefits of school attendance. She also notes that her daughter had to miss about a month of school due to legitimate health issues.

One part of me completely agrees with her stance that it is not beneficial for a child to attend school if he/she is sick. And I do believe that it is wrong for the government to place such a financial emphasis on school attendance, because the reality is that children get sick. However, I understand the reasoning behind such strict attendance laws. In order to keep the school running well and the students on track, they need to make a conscious effort to attend class as much as possible.

In response to her view that it is the parent's responsibility to make sure the student keeps his/her grades up even when they miss class, I don't know if I can completely support that. I do agree that a parent holds a lot of responsibility for the student's success, but not all parents can devote the time to teaching their children what they missed in school. In addition, not all parents have the skill set required to teach classroom lessons, which is why schools are beneficial in the first place.

I do not necessarily disagree with anything the post, but I do think that parents need to make an effort to keep their children in school as much as possible.

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