Monday, July 23, 2012

Eileen Smith of IN THE PINK (a local political blog) wrote a commentary on the Castle Doctrine (also known as Stand Your Ground) in Texas. She noted that, according to the Houston Chronicle, "the number of “justifiable killings” have increased in the state from 32 in 2006 to 48 in 2010" (Smith). It should be noted that 2007 was the year the Castle Doctrine was expanded. Smith continued to define what Texas calls a "justifiable killing" (which unfortunately includes s 24-year-old citizen who stole a tip jar with $20 in it from a taco truck in Houston). Smith is clearly against allowing citizens to have guns, so this bias shines through in her piece. 

But since Smith is an informal blogger and does not claim to be unbiased, I think it is quite appropriate for her true opinions to shine through in her writing. Her intended audience includes politically interested readers who, for  the most part, are young and liberal. Blogs typically target the younger generations because they are relatively new. And since Smith is clearly liberal, her readership is likely left-leaning as well. 

Smith's main argument tactic is humor and sarcasm, which I particularly appreciate, especially since she backs it up with facts and articles from other sources. She is clearly against the Texas laws that allow armed citizens and justifiable killing, and I wholeheartedly agree. I think she says it best when she states that "not even the police are allowed to use deadly force like this. But average citizens can?" (Smith). I don't think that guns in the hands of average citizens will make the state a safer place, and clearly Eileen Smith agrees.

Smith, Eileen. "I Shot a Man in Houston Just to Watch Him Die." IN THE PINK. N.p., 2 July 2012. Web. 23 July 2012. <>.

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